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A Career in Accounting: Thinking Beyond the Financial Figures

Accounting is described as the language of business. Therefore, accountants are responsible for preparation and communication of financial information. This information is shared both internally inside an organization as well as with the external agencies like individuals, government agencies, partners and companies. Accurate maintenance of financial data forms the most important aspect of the job responsibilities of an accountant. Besides this, an accountant needs to keep a track of expenses, revenue, assets and liabilities. Moreover, the person needs to ensure timely payment of taxes on the behalf of an organization.

With new business getting launched everyday, it is essential for companies to hire more and more accountants. So what does accounting promise to you in the form of a career? What are the job responsibilities of an accountant? What are essential qualifications for beginning as an accountant? Most importantly, what is the starting salary of an accountant? Let us answer the questions one by one.

An accountant is the person responsible for monitoring the finances of an organization. Therefore, an accountant is held responsible for recording and safe-keeping of financial transactions of the organization he/she is working for. In the form of an accountant, the job of a person may vary according to the nature and job responsibilities of the position held. These jobs could be as an accounting representative, accounting assistant, executive, associate, accountant, book-keeper, entry level accountant clerk, a staff accountant, accounts manager and many more.

In the beginning or in the form of an entry level accountant, a person needs to have bachelor’s degree in accounting. Otherwise, the person needs to possess the relevant qualification or should have successfully completed a certification course in accounting. The further educational requirements might depend upon the specified accounting job description. For instance, to make a career as a Certified Public Accountant, an accountant needs to obtain a CPA certification. Generally, an accountant may start as an Accounting Clerk, Accounting Assistant or a Full Charge Bookkeeper. After holding these positions for a certain period of time, one can climb up the hierarchy and become a Staff Accountant or a Senior Accountant.

The starting salary for an accountant may vary due to a number of factors. These include location, job description and responsibilities. It could also depend a lot on the nature of work, reputation, size and experience of the organization. In general, the average starting salary of an accountant is $46,000. The salary usually ranges between $47,900 -$88,300 annually.