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Accounting constitutes the backbone of businesses and world economies. It is required in every field and discipline in the world. Individuals who are disciplined, proactive self-starters and good with numbers can find excellent career opportunity in accounting. Accounting includes financial accounting and auditing of individuals and businesses like maintenance of books, payroll, and tax compliance and filing returns to name a few.

There are different programs offered by institutions to prepare students for careers in accounting. These Institutions offer on campus programs as well as accounting distance learning programs to make it convenient for working staff to balance work and study commitments. Programs include Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees. Further, there are professional certifications like Certified Public Accountant that certify individuals on their proficiency.

These programs include auditing, taxation, cost accounting, economics, law, finance, management and quantitative methods. These courses primarily focus on data analysis and interpretation essential for problem solving and decision making purposes. Courseware discussions and activities involve risk assessment and control, financial statements, tax preparation, managing accounting information systems apart from audits and fraud detection. This discipline is more about the practical aspects.

The accounting domain offers tremendous career opportunities. New entrants step into entry-level positions and then eventually qualify for higher positions based on level of education, specialization and experience garnered. Certifications are vital for career advancement. Individuals can make career in managerial accounting, cost accounting, professional accounting, or opt to work as auditors, accounting administrators, payroll administrators, computerized accounting specialists, forensic accountants and financial accountants. Depending on your formal education, specialization, certification and experience, you can choose a suitable career. Students can also acquire additional certifications such as CPA and CMA by qualifying in respective exams.

Career outlook is very impressive for the accounting discipline since no business can effectively function without them. Accountants earn handsome salaries between USD 32,320 and USD 88,610 as per the U.S. Department of Labor. On the whole, this is an exciting and lucrative discipline offering excellent career growth and opportunities for potential accountants in different specializations.