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American Accounting Association- An Important Fraternity Committed To Produce Skilled Professionals

The American Accounting Association (AAA) aims to promote worldwide excellence in the areas of accounting education, research and practice. It was established in 1916 as the American Association of University Instructors in Accounting. Its main publication “The Accounting Review” was first published in 1926. This association is a voluntary organization of persons interested in accounting education and research. Presently, it is known as the chief professional association of accounting academics in the United States. The mission of this association is to foster worldwide excellence in the creation, dissemination and application of accounting knowledge and skills.

Since the last 94 years, this association has made a number of contributions to its members, educational institutes, accounting students, and the profession and society at large.

There is a brief review of those areas, such as-

  1. It encourages and fosters academic research to create knowledge and ideas in the discipline.
  1. The AAA supports career development and addresses the role of accounting in society.
  1. This organization promotes the designs of effective accounting curriculum and learning opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students.
  1. It is involved in the publishing and collection of widely-recognized world class journals and magazines.
  1. It contributes to the academy and profession through active participation by American Accounting Association leaders and members with standard setters, regulators and industry groups.
  1. It holds national, section and region meetings for the sharing and fostering of knowledge with stakeholders and networking. 
  1. It takes the shortage of PhD candidates and decreases in full-time faculty positions in accounting.
The members of the American Accounting Association take it as a primary community for providing sense of belonging and opportunities for further networking. It shares ideas and resources for building friendships. One can also see it as a resource for scholarship, teaching, international connections and world class meetings. Apart from that it provides opportunities to contribute to the broader society’s welfare and recognition.

There are some specified purposes of this association that can be pointed as- the development of additional modes to enter the academic community. It aims to demonstrate value of contributions to the academic discipline. There are basically five initiatives which are vital for the success of American accounting association. These initiatives are strategic relationships, governance, business process, branding and finance.