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The Importance of the Role of the Assistant Accountant

An accountant is one of the most important figures in the entire scheme of things of an organization. He is the person who is responsible for the management of the financial records of the company and also to present the right picture of the records to the higher management as well as the board of directors. Another position that is responsible for carrying out the various important tasks in the field of accounting is that of the assistant accountant. An assistant accountant is the person who works with the senior accountants of the company and gets the opportunity to learn while working with the senior accountants like the financial controller.

Some of the responsibilities of the assistant accountant include:

  • Monthly reconciliation
  • Maintenance of the sales and purchase ledger functions
  • Managing the payroll of the companies, banking as well as the petty cash
  • Assisting the FC with month end processes
These duties might appear to be a bit more simplistic as well as mundane duties but nevertheless they have a very high degree of importance. In order to be eligible to carry out these duties efficiently it is important that the candidate has sufficient qualifications. Some of the essentials that are desired by the companies from an assistant accountant are:
  • A degree in accountancy
  • Ability to work on the latest softwares like sage
  • A previous experience in the similar role
  • The candidate must be confidant as well as presentable
  • Must have good communication skills
  • Must have the knack of taking initiatives in the similar position
Apart from these qualifications the candidate is required to be able to do the multi-tasking so that the seniors can take care of the other important tasks. The assistant accountant has to be the one that has to be very honest as well as have a high degree of integrity as he would be exposed to the some of the most confidential information and data of the company.