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Audit Jobs Involve Multi-Tasking

Internal Auditors are multi-taskers. They have many responsibilities within their domain, but their primary task is auditing their company before an external audit is carried out on their company's financial records. The internal audit shows the decision makers of the company where they stand and offers some insights into the financial process.

The external auditor will look at everything in details and verify his own findings with those of the internal auditor's to ensure there are no discrepancies in the books--which could mean that someone from inside the company is committing fraud or skimming off the books. Generally, internal audits are done before year end in anticipation of the year end external audit being done on the company's financial records.

Internal audit jobs involve assessing risk in the area being audited. For example in case of information technology, the risk of using programs and information is evaluated in details to check if there is any problem with the programming and usage. Confidentiality and usability are vital in information technology, ensuring that the sensitive information can be accessed by those with authorization and that the same information is shielded from those without authorization.

During the internal audit, audit jobs involve assessing the risk and making suitable recommendations to improve the systems in place if any error has been found. To be precise, the audit job involves helping the company improve their operations by bringing in systematic approaches to improve information technology within the company's infrastructure.

Internal audit jobs involve complicated tasks so it has to be carried out by someone who specializes in this domain. Incase of financial audits, the auditor should be a licensed accountant with a degree in accounting. Financial internal auditing can be done periodically to compare financial status in different quarters.  These in-depth audits on the company's finances can help increase profitability. For other internal audit jobs, the auditor has to be skilled in that particular domain. According to the domain, the auditor should have background in auditing that particular sector.