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The Role and Responsibility of the Auditing Accountant

The term audit means ratifying the business systems as well as the processes and the quality levels of the products as well as the services of an organization. The main job of an audit accountant is to check the correctness of the financial statements as well as the financial systems that an organization has put in place.
Currently the job of the auditing accountant also includes the ratification of the other systems like the security risks, information systems performance, as well as the environmental performance.

The fundamental task of an auditing accountant is to provide the information to the clients by preparing, analyzing, as well as verifying the financial documents. In some cases the auditing accountant might offer budget analysis, information technology consulting, budget analysis and the limited legal services. There are however variations between the specific job requirements in the four major fields of accounting that are management accounting, public accounting, internal auditing, as well as the government accounting.

The auditing accountant who is working for an organization ratifies the veracity of the organization’s internal controls, and checks for any frauds, waste, or mismanagement. The auditing accountants also review the company operations, internal controls, management procedures, to make sure that the controls are adequate, and the records are accurate.

The advancements in the field of technology have had a great effect on the duties performed by the accountant auditors. The availability of special software packages have given the auditing accountant a greater leverage to work with. These software packages have made the job of the accountancy a lot easier and less tedious.
The qualification required to become an auditing accounting is atleast a bachelor’s degree in accounting. In many cases the accountant might go for higher qualification like the CPA, CA etc. In majority of the cases it is required that a novice accountant practice under a senior auditing accountant in order to get some experience. Gradually they can rise in rank as well as status.