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Key Responsibilities of A Book Keeper

Accountancy is one of the most important jobs in the world today. It is one of those jobs that require an analytical mind, a sharp eye for details, as well as an aptitude for numbers. Another thing that is important for the people who are in the field of accountancy is the patience to go through a huge amount of data. The most rudimentary of positions in the entire hierarchy of accountancy is that of the bookkeeper.  A bookkeeper is the person who is responsible for creating the basis on which the entire structure of the company’s accountancy is created.

The apt bookkeeper description would be that of the person who keeps a record of all the financial transactions that take place in the organization. The bookkeeper verifies as well as allocates, and posts the details of the business transactions to the subsidiary accounts in journals or computer files from the documents like the sales slips, computer printouts, check stubs, and receipts.

Some of the key bookkeeper description of responsibilities is:

  1. The summarizing of the details of all the financial transactions in the separate ledgers or the computer files and then transferring the data to the general ledger.
  2. Re-conciliation as well as balancing of the accounts
  3. He might also be required to compile reports that show statistics like cash receipts and expenditures, profit and loss, accounts payable and receivable and other items that are pertinent to the operation of business.
  4. May have to record employee wages from plant records, or time cards, and might prepare checks for the payment of wages.
It is on the basis of the ledgers that are prepared by the bookkeeper that the further advanced financial reports of the organization are prepared. The reports that are prepared by the financial accountants, the management accountants, the cost accountants and all the other professionals in the field of accounting are strictly based on the bookkeeping records that are prepared by the bookkeeper. The bookkeeper description can be summed up by saying that the entire accounting structure of the organization is based on the bookkeeping records that are prepared by the bookkeeper.