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CA Academics Leading to the Designation of CA

Chartered accountancy is one of the most in demand as well as the most important jobs in the world today. The present day world of business thoroughly revolves around just one entity and that is the finance.  It is the financial clout of a company that decides its standing in the world of business. Thus, it is quite but natural that the management of this important resource of the company is done in the most appropriate as well as the most efficient manner. This is where the need of a CA arises. But to be able to meet the necessary criteria as well as be able to manage the mammoth finances of a company it is necessary that the individual is equipped with the requisite knowledge as well as the skills that would enable him to perform his duties in the most efficient as well as appropriate manner. CA academics is one of the toughest and the most elaborate stream of academics that tests an individual in almost all the skills needed to be a qualified CA.

The World’s largest as well as the fastest growing accountancy body in the world that offers the Chartered Accountant qualification world wide is the British accountancy body of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). ACCA is the professional scheme after completing which the individual can assume the responsibilities of a CA.

Some of the features of this CA Academic Qualification offered by the ACCA are:

  1. The ACCA has allowed an open access to the examinations
  1. The examinations are offered twice every year in the months of June and December.
  1. At the moment the syllabus includes 14 examinations in which there are some exemptions available. The papers are divided into three parts and within the third part two papers are to be selected out of four optional papers.
  1. After the completion of the second part and on the submission of the research project, the ACCA awards the Bachelor of Science (honors) degree in Applied accounting in association with the Oxford Brookes University.  
  1. The subjects that are included in the examination are management accounting, financial accounting, taxation, financial reporting, financial management, company law, corporate reporting as well as audit and assurance.
  1. Every recent development that takes place in the accountancy profession, the ACCA updates the qualification, and reorganizes the papers within the qualification. The recent changes that were made by the ACCA were in the years 2007, 2001, and 1994.
 Once the certification is received by the individual he is free to assume the responsibilities of the CA.