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The CA skills and Competencies required in Different Segments

Once you have acquired the certification of a CA, the next logical step that you would be thinking about is the choice of career that you should make. It is really important to keep in mind all the skills that would be required in any stream that you choose. As a CA there are generally two streams that you can choose from. These are the taxation, and the audit and assurance. As an auditor you would be required to ratify the financial position of the company as being portrayed by it in its financial statement. The other responsibilities that you might want to assume are the public sector audit, accounting and advisory, and insolvency. As a chartered accountant you can either choose to work for a small firm or manage the finances of a big organization. In each stream that you would choose the Chartered Accountant skills and competencies required would be very much different. 

Some of the CA Skills and Competencies that are Common in almost all the Areas are:

  1. The inclination as well as the ability to work with figures. You would not be required to solve any complex mathematical equations as well as calculations.
  1. The knack of working in a team
  1. The ability to communicate complex financial information lucidly
  1. The ability to build relationships with the clients
  1. Problem solving as well as analytical skills
  1. Knowledge as well as proficiency in the latest technologies
  1. The skill to negotiate
  1. Presentation skills, ability to write financial reports and at the same time having an eye for details   

These are just a few skills that a CA is supposed to be adept in while working in any of the diverse streams. There might be slight variations as well as digressions in different segments but the basic skills that are needed to be a successful CA are the above mentioned skills. Some other minor things that might prove to be helpful while charting your career as a CA are the stamina to work for long hours during the peak work times. Another skill that you might need to get familiar with is the driving skill. Ownership of a car can provide you with some extra benefits especially if you are working in the outskirts of a city.