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Why Start Your Career As A Staff Accountant?

A career in the field of accounting offers immense opportunities. However, since the industry is extremely technical by nature, it implies that fro having a career in accounting; you are required to fulfill certain specified qualifications. Moreover, an individual needs to have the relevant experience and education for earning a reasonable salary in the field. The companies in both public and private sectors offer excellent opportunities for starting your career in the field of accounting.

There are immense growth opportunities in the field of accounting in the coming years. Moreover, the job openings and positions are not restricted to titles like Accounting Manager, Financial Analyst, Tax Accountant, Project Accountant, Tax Manager, Fund Accounting Analyst, Investment Accountant, Procurement Manager and Internal Audit Manager. There are several other promising career options.

Depending upon your qualifications, experience as well as level of knowledge, there are several jobs in the field of accounting. Certain positions such as that of Chartered accountants, Certified Management Accountants etc require a high level of knowledge. There are various other key accounting positions in an organization.

Staff accounting is one of the most popular areas for building a career in the field of accounting. The staff accountants possess the capability of analyzing the financial information of an organization. Ideally, they are considered as the foundation employees of an accounting firm. They are also responsible for analysis of financial information and preparation of financial reports for maintenance or determining the record of tax liabilities, assets, profit and loss, liabilities as well as other associated financial activities of an organization.

To begin your career as a staff accountant, you need must have at least one year of experience in general accounting. Since it is an extremely skilled position, the individual must have completed graduation from a reputed college and should studied accounting as a necessary subject. Moreover, a certification as a Public Accountant would serve as an added advantage. Apart from this, job experience in an associated field would make an individual a desirable candidate.

A career as a staff accountant does not require an individual to have accounting knowledge only. The person needs to have knowledge of the existing accounting practices also. Apart from this, the person needs to be well-informed about the latest developments taking place in the financial world.