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Some Prime Examples Of Forensic Accounting Cases  

On the face of it the field of accounting appears to be a lot more boring as well as time consuming and testing the patience of the practitioner. But the creation of the new category of accounting known as the forensic accounting has changed all that. The aura and the image that a forensic detective carries with him are fascinating, as well as captivating. But something similar couldn’t have been said about the field of accounting. Forensic accounting though has changed all that. Some of the most difficult of cases in which the alleged perpetrators of crime were very easily eluding the prosecution as well as other investigative agencies were brought down by the forensic accountants, who utilized their accounting, investigative as well as other skills nail the criminals on the basis of their financial irregularities.

Some of the most important forensic accounting cases that captured the world’s attention were:

  1. The Case of Al Capone: A famous gangster in the mean streets of Chicago, this man was able to avoid the prosecution as well as the other investigative agencies like the FBI, before he was trapped by the forensic accountants who made a solid case of tax evasion on him.
  1. The Case of Divorce: The forensic accountants are being used quite a lot by the attorneys in various divorce cases, in order to get the maximum for their clients. In one of the biggest cases of divorce that involved the forensic accountants, $ 2 millions of fund transfer from a husband to his wife were uncovered by the forensic accountant Richard Friedman for his client.
  1. The Case of O.J.Simpson: After O.J. Simpson was given an innocent verdict in the murder case; the forensic accountants were hired by the prosecutors in the civil case against him. O.J.Simpson at that time was pleading poverty, but the forensic accountants were able to unearth millions stashed away and won $33 million for the plaintiffs.
There are many other cases in which the help of the forensic accountants was taken and the culprits were nailed on the basis of solid forensic accountancy evidences.