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Certified Chartered Accountants Carry a Huge Responsibility in the Accounting Business

Certified chartered accountants have to work within several types of firms including public sector, financial services or the corporate sector and private practice. They are responsible for developing and managing financial and accounting systems, auditing financial records, financial forecasting and investigating financial anomalies. These professionals help to prepare reports and budget plans, and assist in the strategy planning. The fund controlling and salary planning may also be included under the job of certified charter accountants.

These experts offer a range of services according to the internationally recognized standard in the areas of taxation, corporate finance and insolvency. Their focus is to maximize the profitability and efficiency on behalf of their employer or client and other business owners. They also offer a management consultancy services to the business houses.

Some of their typical activities include-

  1. They take part in the regular management of financial systems and budget preparation.
  2. They prepare financial statements, business plans and budget management along with client reports.
  3. They undertake financial auditing and provide financial advice.
  4. These certified chartered accountants assess the current practices, investigate any financial irregularities and recommend improvements if needed.
  5. They produce annual and/or monthly account reports, and forecast financial plan.
  6. They communicate with clients, staff, financial and non-financial members, and work like bridge between two communities.
  7. Management of expenditure, credit, payroll and investment are essential tasks of their job.
  8. They also negotiate with the authorities, junior colleagues and other stakeholders and discuss the business related maters
The Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) is the largest and fastest-growing international body of accounting with more that 320,000 students and members spread over 160 countries. It employs extensive network of over 70-staffed offices and other centers across the world. This organization is full of essential resources and information on exams, past papers and other student publications. There are many certificate and diploma holders in this organization. Some of qualifications that individuals can find are Diploma in Corporate Governance, Certificate in International Financial Reporting, Online MBA and Professional scheme.

Talking about the some basic qualifications of the certified chartered accountants, they need to earn a double qualification throughout their studies. ACCA professional qualifications require Bachelor degree in Science in applied accounting. To attain a professional membership in this organization, students are needed to qualify the association’s examination along with three years relevant training and approved work experience of the relevant field.