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The Role of a Certified Chartered Accountant

The domain of functioning for a certified chartered accountant is very much diverse. It encompasses almost all the fields of accountancy that one can think of. Considering some of the most important tasks that a certified chartered accountant performs are developing and maintaining financial and accounting systems, auditing financial records, managing information, financial forecasting, and investigating financial anomalies. Some of the other functions that they might perform are preparing reports as well as budget plans and also in contributing towards the future strategies that the companies might be planning. In many organizations it has been seen that the certified chartered accountants also manage funds as well as the salary of the employees.

To be more precise in defining the role of a certified chartered professional; they are supposed to aggrandize the profits and improve the efficiency of the company.  In many cases it might be possible that the certified chartered accountant may offer management consultancy services. 

Some of the main jobs that form an integral part of the certified chartered accountant’s domain of work are:

  • Giving financial advice
  • Management of the firm’s budgets as well as financial systems
  • Conducting Financial audits ( i.e. carrying out a sovereign check on the organization’s financial position)
  • Helping their clients in dealing with insolvency
  • Preparing reports that help in improving the business of the clients
  • In preparing financial reports as well as plans and forecasts
  • Managing expenditure, payroll, credit as well as investments
  • Dealing with any of the irregular financial issues as they arise