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Only Certified Public Accountant Licenses Can Allow To Work As An Accountant

The certified public accountant is an accountant who is authorized to use the designation of the CPA and practice accountancy as an individual or in a firm of certified accountants. It is really important that the person, who is thinking of starting his practice as a CPA, is certified or licensed by the state that he wishes to start his practice in. A candidate who has cleared all the papers regarding the CPA exam is not certified to practice in a particular state until and unless he has obtained a license from that state. The Certified Public Accountant Licenses are issued to the CPAs from the respective state’s board of accountants.

Any person who is seeking the services of a CPA should make sure that the CPA holds the certified public accountant licenses from the state’s board. While looking up for a certified accountant who is licensed the person can visit the office of the respective state’s board of accountants personally or do it through the online medium.

While looking up to verify the credentials of the CPA the person would be shown the following information about the licensee:

  1. Name
  2. The type of license
  3. The license number
  4. License status
  5. Experience completed
  6. Expiration date
  7. Issue date
  8. Address of record
  9. Disciplinary action/ or license restrictions
Along with this information the person would also be provided with the information regarding the status of the license like whether it is cancelled, clear, clear- probation, clear-restricted, licensee is deceased, delinquent, denied, inactive, revoked, surrendered, or suspended.

All these information regarding the status of the certified public accountant licenses can go a long way in helping the individual in finding the right and the qualified licensed CPA to work for him. The rules and regulations regarding the certified public accountant licenses vary from state to state. It is mandatory that the person looking for an accountant does a thorough search on the background as well as the status of the licensee.