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 A Brief Description of Chartered Accountancy

The profession of chartered accountancy entails in it some of the most responsible as well as important jobs in the world. In fact it can be said that the expertise and the aptitude that this career demands really makes it one of the most challenging as well as adventurous jobs. The chartered accountants are those people who are adept in the fields of finance, legal, management as well as tax. Some of the other fields of their operations include financial analysis as well as book keeping. 

Some of the Subject Matter that the Chartered Accountants are Quite Adept in are:

  1. Cost Accounting
  2. Taxation
  3. Tax Assessment
  4. Wealth management
  5. Financial investigation
  6. Auditing Services
  7. Accounting advise
  8. Valuation of Businesses
In order to become a chartered accountant, it is mandatory that the person trains in a certified institute and then appears in the examination for CA. Some of the subjects that are covered in the course of chartered accountancy are policies and practices defined by the institute, bookkeeping that is in unison with the reviewing standards

A certified chartered accountant can hope of finding career opportunities in various domains like company secretarial functions, liquidation of companies, and valuation of shares every time some merger or acquisition takes place. There are many other career opportunities that chartered accountancy can open for you.