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Chartered Accountant CPA and the Services He offers

The Chartered Accountant is one of the most important personalities in the present day world of the business as well as administration. Almost all the countries as well as businesses that are big or small require availing the services of a chartered accountant or a chartered accountant firm if they have to make sure that their domain of operations function properly. In different countries the designation of the chartered accountant or rather the title of the person performing similar duties are different.

In the USA, the term Chartered Accountant CPA is the statutory title that is given to the accountant who has cleared the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination and has also cleared the educational as well as experience requirements that are mandatory to get the certification of CPA. In many cases it has been observed that some of the states do not allow the Certified Public Accountants to practice in their state until and unless they are certified in that state. Thus, it becomes impossible for the CPA to practice in such states until they receive the certificate from that state.

It does not matter whether the Chartered Accountant CPAs are directly rendering their services to the public or are working with some big or small corporations as well as associations. In almost all the domains of finance the CPA is needed to perform some of the most important jobs. Some of such areas are:

  • Financial Analysis  
  • Income tax
  • Estate planning
  • Corporate Finance
  • Tax preparation and planning
  • Venture capital
  • In prevention, detection as well as investigating any of the financial frauds
  • Estate planning
  • Corporate Governance
  • Even in many cases management consulting and performance management