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The Importance of Chartered Accountant Programs

The chartered accountancy is one of the most important occupations in the present day business world.  The various complexities that the business processes involve around the world require the organizations to be a lot more serious as well as focused in their approach to their finances. It is really necessary that the people who are handling the finances of the organizations are well versed with all the procedures as well as the techniques and skills that are required in order to be in total of control of the financial situation of the organizations.

The profession of financial management can be classified into various categories. It could be that of a chartered accountants, financial managers, forensic accountants and many other different but somewhat related fields. The profession of chartered accountants also entails in itself a whole lot of responsibilities.

Some of the Key Areas that the Chartered Accountant Program Covers are:

  1. Audit & Assurance: This part of the chartered accountant program explains the framework that is required for doing auditing as well as assurance. The topics studied are conducting audits, fraud, risks, internal controls, legal as well as professional requirements, ethics and other audit related engagements. 
  1. Financial Accounting & Reporting: This course equips the candidate to gain an understanding of the framework that is required for financial accounting. Topics such as disclosure and consolidated financial reporting, cash flow statements and also the practical application and understanding of ethics. 
  1. Taxation: This part of the program teaches the students about the taxation laws including the environment as well as regulatory framework. The content will include topics such as the tax system, application to entities including capital and non-capital assets, international transactions, tax administration, ethics and some other areas including taxes. 
  1. Ethics and Business Application:   This aspect of the program allows the candidate to apply the knowledge gained from his chartered accountant program into the real life business solutions.