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All What It Needs To Become a Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountancy is a profession renowned for its technical excellence, objectivity, integrity, trust as well as commitment to the interest of common people. So if you have decided to enroll yourself for a chartered accountant program, be prepared for a responsible career ahead. A Chartered Accountant needs to be a member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants. Let us examine what an individual requires to become the student of such a prestigious program.

To get yourself registered in a chartered accountant program, you need to complete a university degree with certain specified business course credits. In addition, you are also required to complete the professional program of your territory or province. The education would provide you with a knowledge base that is essential for developing the set of skills as well as values needed for exhibiting your professional capabilities.

Besides education, an individual also needs to have the necessary experience that has been gained after working under the supervision of practicing Chartered Accountants in a Chartered Accountants’ Training Office. These Training Offices include major corporations, government organizations and Chartered Accountancy firms which conduct reputed Training Programs. The training is extremely useful as it helps in developing the required skills, values as well as attributes required by a capable Chartered Accountant. Any individual is capable of applying directly to a chartered accountant program.
Specialization plays a significant role in the professional life of a Chartered Accountancy student. There are certain specialist certification programs which are designed for attracting the prospective Chartered Accountants towards this  responsible profession. Moreover, the courses help in developing a roadmap for the members to pursue specified interests. They are also recognized for specialty knowledge. Such specialists combine the qualities of a Chartered Accountant as well as the experience of a specified technical field with the help of these certification processes. Moreover, the Chartered Accountant specialists receive competitive advantage through increased marketability as well as enhanced value from an objective and rigorous designation process which indicates the experience and skills of an individual. The interest of public is also protected by enforcing the professional standards of every specialty.

Assessment as well as evaluation forms the central aspects of a Chartered accountant program. Therefore, the students need to pass the three-day Uniform Evaluation. Accordingly, a student is continuously assessed during the professional education programs, university programs as well as on the job. Moreover, the evaluation helps you demonstrate professional competence.