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A to Z of Chartered Accountancy

Chartered Accountants or commonly known CAs are accounts professionals who are well versed in legal, financial, management and tax related domains. Apart from taxation, finance and legal system, they also carry out other functions related to bookkeeping and financial analysis. Subjects related to above mentioned issues are taught to them so that they can monitor and analyze the performances of banks, borrowers, corporations, stockbrokers and business clients. The skills and competencies of a Chartered Accountant make the profession of chartered accountancy more of a challenge than just a mere job.
For CA specialization, a person needs to enroll himself in a professional course that trains and conducts examinations for CA academics. As a first step to become a Chartered Accountant one simply needs to pass the accounting standards and policies, in order to get enrolled in the Institute of Certified Public Accountants or in any corresponding professional body. A student needs to complete the relevant course in 5 years or can appear for examinations later if all the papers are not cleared within the stipulated period.

The curriculum of Chartered Accountancy covers bookkeeping in unison with reviewing standards, policies and practices defined by the Institute. Chartered Accountants may also be appointed by Board of Directors of a business organization due to their financial guidance skills coupled with management accounting skills.

A Charted Accountant is well versed in various issues such as:

  • Taxation
  • Tax assessment
  • Cost accounting
  • Financial investigation of fraud

Opportunities for Charted Accountant are also available in the field of:

  • Liquidation of companies
  • Company secretarial functions
  • Valuation of shares when there is any proposal for merger and acquisition
The above mentioned points explain the usefulness of a Charted Accountant in a business firm. In depth knowledge about the above issues make the business opportunities of a Charted Accountant more bright in the finance market.

Chartered Accountants are well versed in the issues related to:

  • Legal system
  • Taxation
  • Cost accountancy
  • Management accountancy
  • And sometimes even software packages
The only difference between a standard accountant and a chartered accountant is that a standard accountant is not a qualified professional from any institute of charted accountancy and a CA is. Skills and Competencies of a CA include, being conversant in standards, practices and polices of accounting, finance and taxation.