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Who Is A Chartered Public Accountant?

Accountancy is one domain that is fast assuming great importance in the contemporary world of business like no other field is. Accountancy primarily deals with the recording as well as the management of the finances of an organization. It is a subject that has a vast scope as well as huge importance in the present world. Another thing that needs to be emphasized about the accountancy is the fact that it is a subject that demands a lot of honesty and integrity as the person handling the finances of the organization is exposed to a vast amount of data and information about the company. A person who is dealing with the finances of the organization is known as a chartered public accountant.

The term chartered is a designation that was given by the Queen of UK to the body that offers the qualification of the Chartered Accountant to the candidates that successfully pass their examination. This body is based in the UK and offers the qualification to the candidates the world over. The primary duty of the chartered public accountant is to prepare the financial reports, analyze them and then present the results to the people who matter. Once a candidate has acquired the qualification of the chartered public accountant he can specialize in any of the fields of the accountancy. Some of the most prominent fields in accountancy are the management accounting, the financial accounting, cost accounting, tax accounting, staff accounting, payroll, and personal accounting. A chartered public accountant can choose any among all these areas of accounting.

An important point that needs to be noted is that acquiring the degree of the chartered public accountant is not an easy thing to do. It requires a lot of hardwork as well as dedication. The chartered public accountant job profile requires the candidate to be good in communication as well as have an aptitude to deal with large amount of data as well as information. He might have to deal with situations that could be very complex sometimes.