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A Cost Accounting Manager and the Important Role That He Performs

Cost accounting is an intrinsic part of the bigger domain of accounting known as the management accounting. It involves the important functions like the actual cost as well as the budget involved in the overall functioning of the organization. It is imperative that the senior management in the organization is well aware of the movement of their finances as well as have a clear picture in front of them about the endeavors that would prove to be profitable as well as those that might incur losses. There are many other important functions that might be entailed in the domain of accountancy.

A cost accounting manager is one of the most vital cogs in the entire machinery of the organization. Some of the functions that the cost accounting manager performs are overseeing the annual inventory, develop the cost standards for various resources that are used by the company, design as well as implement the cost accounting systems, analyzing the production costs and, if needed, recommend changes. A cost accounting manager is one person who has the complete knowledge of the whereabouts of the finances of the organization. All the reports that are prepared by the cost accountants working with him are directly presented analyzed and commented upon to the higher CEO or the CFO of the company.

Some of the duties that the cost accounting manager performs are:   

  1. He is responsible to analyze the inventory transactions for their accuracy and coordinate any physicals that might be required
  1. He has to develop as well as implement the standard costs
  1. He is the person responsible to provide information on budget as well as forecast support to the manufacturing segments
  1. He is the person supervising the monthly financial reports as well as performance analysis
  1. The cost accounting manager has to analyze and report material costs and their usage
  1. He might have to coordinate the annual and mid-term plans for the company
  1. He might have to review the capital appropriation request and also make sure the timeliness as well as the accuracy of all the financial reports
  1. He is the person who advises as well as consults with the management regarding the costs that might be involved in the manufacturing of the product as well as the profits that it might earn
  1. The last but the least he has to train develop the accounting staff that is working with him
A cost accounting manager is directly answerable to the CEO or the CFO of the company. It is really important that the person holding such important information is honest as well as is a person with values as well as integrity.