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Executive Accountant Plays Pivotal Role in the Business Firms    

An accountant is simply a practitioner of accountancy that takes financial matters of the business to for auditing and reporting to the business owners. According to the experience and job profile, the professionals are categorized into several designations from general accountant to executive accountant and executive manager. These experts assure to provide financial information to help managers, tax authorities, investors, and other members of the decision making body.
You can classify the accounting fields into four major categories such as accounting and auditing, management accounting, internal auditing, and public accounting. Executive accountants are included under the management accountant field. They are primarily responsible for the analysis and keep track of the company’s financial information. They are highly experienced and qualified in the core competency of accounting works.

In the USA, the accountants are legally certified public accountants. Some of them are certified internal auditors, accredited business accountants and certified management accountants. The certified accountants are licensed by the state, and most of such professionals are working in the departments of tax, litigation support, financial advisory services etc. There are several accounting works being executed by these experts. For example, executive accountants possess broad responsibilities including performance elevation, budgeting, asset management and cost management. They usually share their views with the company’s strategic planning and development. They are also responsible for the correct interpretation of financial data to assist the corporate decisions.

The demand for certified public accounting is required by all the states. The aspirants have to clear the examination designed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and step-by-step, they are elevated to the position of executive accountant. It is a very reputed designation that monitors financial reports for several stakeholders such as creditors, government agencies, tax officials and shareholders.     

As far as their education and qualifications are concerned, these highly posted accountants have to possess at least undergraduate college degree in the field of accounting. Since the position of finance executive accountant is similar to the management positions, so the companies prefer to recruit master’s degree holders in business administration. The designation of executive accountant usually demands a minimum of experience in the relevant area. They should also hold the mastery over math skill, analytical skill, accounting software, leadership and interpersonal skills. Overall, this position plays a pivotal role, especially in the big business organizations.