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The Importance of Forensic Accounting Software

Forensic accounting means the use of accounting principles in investigating frauds and various scams that take place in the corporate world. The past decade or so have seen some of the worst white collar crimes taking place in some of the most well known companies that employed thousands of employees. It is necessary that there should be a watchdog that can prevent these crimes from taking place. The field of forensic accounting makes sure that atleast the people are aware of entities that can very easily catch up with such crimes. Forensic accounting is not at all related to the crimes against a person, but it is rather against the crimes against property. The forensic accountant uses skills like the knowledge of accountancy, law, analytical bent of mind, pragmatic approach, and other skills to get to the bottom of the crime and thus collect evidence against the criminals. It is also important that the forensic accountant be well versed with the latest forensic accounting software that can go a long way in unearthing the crime.

Some of the forensic accounting softwares that are proving to be helpful are:

  1. Registry Analyzer: The windows registry files can have thousands and thousands of entries. It could be very daunting to view, analyze as well as report these files. With the help of the registry analyzer, the forensic accountant analyzes the windows registry entrie
  1. The Forensic Replicator: This forensic tool can help in creating bit by bit forensic images CDs, drive imaging, floppy discs, and other electronic media for the forensic analysis, drive imaging, archiving, or for backup. This software can allow the compressing of the image files on the fly. It can also generate self extracting images. 
  1. The Case Agent Companion: This software is one of the most unique software as far as the forensic examining and analyzing is concerned.
There are many other similar types of software that can really be of great help to the forensic accountants in their jobs.