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The Forensic Accounting Training to become a Certified Forensic Accountant

Forensic accounting is very much different than the other fields of accounting. The exact tenor of the job, as well as the kind of intelligence and versatile knowledge of technology and various softwares that is needed makes it a lot more challenging even if a thrilling job. It requires the individual to have that discerning eye and that intuitive bent of mind to be able to catch irregularities as well as other anomalies in the various financial processes of an organization or any other entity that involves finance. As a result, the training that is given to the accountants in order to become forensic accountants is a lot different as well as engrossing.

In more specific terms the Certified Forensic Accounting Professional is a person who has undergone the Forensic accounting training in the field like forensic auditing, litigation support, and investigative accounting. The premier body that provides this type of training is the Forensic Accounting Research Foundation which is an Indian based organization. The organization provides training in various countries like Oman, Nigeria, UAE, Uganda, and many others.

The Certifications provided by the organization as part of the Forensic Accounting Training are:

  1. Certified Bank Forensic Accounting
  2. Certified Forensic Accounting professional   
  3. Certified Anti-moneylaundering expert
The examination conducted by the organization consists of 200 multiple options questions and one paper on Forensic accounting. All the exams are computer based and there is a self assessment test that has to be completed before the final examination is completed.

Qualifications that are required to become the Certified Forensic Accountant are:

  1. Graduation from a recognized university
  2. Three years of professional experience
  3. The exam should have been passed with at least 75% marks
  4. The candidate must have a high moral and ethical character
It is advisable that the training is undertaken by only those candidates who have the inclination as well as the requisite aptitude to shoulder the tremendous responsibilities that are entailed in the profession of a Forensic accountant. The job is demanding and the forensic accountant training is a lot more rigorous and tough then as compared to those of other branches of accounting.