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Roles Of Different Accountants

An accounting firm comprises of a group of professionals who will be responsible for keeping the financials straight in a business. They help organizations run smoothly because they make sure all taxes are paid accurately, on time and that the public records are accurate. Accountants are experts in their domains and help to communicate on behalf of individuals and companies with regards to financial information. Accountants are broadly classified as public accountants, government accountants and internal auditors. There are some firms that are into forensic accounting.

Tax handling is the most complicated affair. Accountants need to keep track of profits, losses and the ever changing tax laws. Public accountants assist individuals and companies with taxes and offer advice on tax advantages and disadvantages. There are some accountants who work with clients as financial advisers. They advise on investment tactics, household budgets and debt reduction. They help companies manage assets and assist in preparing financial game plan for the future. These professional accountants are called certified public accountants that have degree in business or finance. They need to clear several tests in order to become certified.  Government accountants specialize in all financial domains related to the government. They are generally involved with the local, state and federal government. They may be responsible for auditing and overseeing budgets within a variety of agencies and bureaus. Government accountants also work for the Internal Revenue Service. To track company's financials and to check if there has been any misuse of funds, Internal auditors work within organizations. They monitor if accounting practices that are being followed in the company are as per government rules and regulations.

There are forensic accountants who solve criminal cases on the basis financial records in order to discover fraud, discrepancies, embezzlement, hidden or laundered money.  Often they work in conjunction with law enforcement agencies so that charges may be proved in case there is any wrong doing.
With the advent of technology, accounting jobs have become more interesting and less monotonous.