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The Salary of Staff Accountant Can Be the Best in the Industry

The world might witness the recessions as well as the economic meltdowns. People in almost all the sectors might be loosing their jobs, but one job that is impervious to almost all the perils that the world economy or the economy of any country might be facing is the job of an accountant. It is really one of the safest as well as the most rewarding jobs in the world today. In any circumstances the job of the accountant always remains intact with all the pays and perks that come with it. Almost all the organizations need an accountant to make sure that their financial reports are in order. In fact so vast is the field of accountancy that almost all the departments of an organization are dependent on one or the other form of it.

Even the salaries that the accountant withdraws from the company that he is working with or simply making by working independently is quiet decent. According to the estimates, it has been seen that even the median entry level accountant earns around $59000 per year.  In the case of the staff accountant, the scene is very much the same. The starting salary of staff accountant is also somewhere around $59,000 per year. As the staff accountant gains experience, for instance like four years, the salary staff of accountant can reach somewhere like $70,000, to $ 85,000.

One thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that it is the performance of the individual also that goes a long way in determining the salary of staff accountant. The variation also might be there due to the location of the company or the accountant.  The salary of staff accountant might be higher in the bigger cities than as compared with the smaller cities. The difference might also be due to the company that the individual is working in. Some of the big companies like the PWC, E&Y, Deloitte, and KPMG offer salaries that are higher than $1, 000,000.