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The Important Role That the Institute Of Management Accountant Is Playing

Management accountancy is one of the most vital parts of any organization. The primary job profile of the management accountant is to prepare the financial reports of the organization that are meant solely for the internal managers of the organization. It is really a very important profile as based on the reports prepared by the management accountant the higher ranks in the organization take some of the most vital decisions regarding the future growth of the organization. In short it can be said that the management accountant is the man who is the vital force behind the further growth of the organization as well as its branching out into other domains.

 The world’s premier body that awards the certification in the management accountancy is the Institute of management accountants. This professional body is located in New Jersey and boasts of about 60,000 members all across the world. The main agenda of the institute of management accountant is to further advance the role of the management accountants in the business world. The body provides the candidate with the necessary qualification, and thus arms the candidate with the sufficient knowledge as well as skills that can be used in the real life business scenario.

The institute of management accountant grants the certification of Certified Management Accountant (CMA) all across the globe. The qualification offered by this body covers areas like:
  1. Strategic Management: This domain includes the areas like strategic marketing, strategic planning, decision analysis, and corporate finance
  2. Business Analysis: The subjects that are covered in this are internal control, financial statement analysis, global business, quantitative methods, business economics, and internal controls
  3. Management Accounting and Reporting: Information management, cost management, budget preparation, performance measurement, and external financial reporting.  
  4. Business Applications: This field includes all the above areas and further including topics like behavioral issues, ethical considerations, organization management, and the organization communication. 
The courses that are covered in this qualification offered by the Institute of Management accountants are the best in the world and thus anybody who wishes to have a career as a management accountant can get the most widely recognized qualification as well as the most comprehensive skill sets and knowledge.