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A Brief Knowledge of the Journal of Forensic Accounting

The field of Forensic accounting is not only very adventurous and thrilling but also a lot more exerting as well as demanding. Before the advent of forensic accounting, the very subject and the profession of accounting was considered to be one of the most monotonous as well as a boring subject. But this branch of forensic accounting has made the options for the students as well as practitioners of accountants all the more thrilling and exciting. For the purpose of further advancement and the professional development of the field a journal of forensic accounting was released. The main topics covered in this journal were of fraud investigation, corporate scandal, and many other types of white collar crimes. The current editor-in chief of this journal is D. Larry Crumbley.

The Journal has also commissioned the publication of the two supplement books to this periodical journal. Available free of charge to some subscribers they can also be had by other individuals. These two supplements are:
  1. Expert witness in Forensic Accounting
  2. Forensic accounting in matrimonial divorce.
The journal of Forensic accounting is one of most comprehensive journals that have been published so far in the field of forensic accounting. It is more of a platform that allows the practitioners of forensic accounting as well as the academicians to come together and bring forth their views as well as opinions on the subject. Papers spanning the whole gamut of sub domains in the field like auditing, compliance, risk assessment, bankruptcy and valuation studies, reconstruction and accountability, litigation support and dispute avoidance, and also the underground economy. The journal is more of an effort to bring about a balance between the theoretical as well as the empirical studies of the subject. It is an effort to foment a dialogue between the practitioners of the forensic accounting and the academicians.

People belonging to different backgrounds and status are subscribers to this journal. Practicing forensic accountants, regulatory and standard setting participants, enforcement agents, legal tax and insurance personnel among many others have subscribed to this journal.  

The journal of Forensic accounting is a one of its kind journal on the subject. It has received a wide acclaim all across the globe and also has been awarded by many of the renowned universities.