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Junior Accountants Cater a Large Assistance in the Business Process  

Most of the business organizations have a team of good and qualified accountants that includes senior and junior accountants to perform better in the accounting process. Their main task is to maintain financial and business records that help to draw conclusion about the growth scenario of the firm. The main duties and responsibilities of these accountants are to reconcile and maintain balance sheet accounts, general ledger operations. They are responsible to prepare journal entries.

In the accounting team, generally there are several junior accountants who are specialized in the fields of accounting, auditing and taxation services. These experts prepare and analyze financial data base which includes income and expenditure tabulation, tax return and other heads of the balance sheets. They offer their services to the public whenever they need advice and expertise in the financial matters. Their skills and expertise are required in the maters related to finance for all kinds of business entities. The junior accountants’ reporting comes under the auspices of the senior accountant who assists them in the daily operations. They operate the financial management office and meet the deadline regularly.

There are many accountabilities of the accountants such as- they are responsible for the calculations of investment data entry and gain and loss; they adjust, reconcile and maintain balance sheets that involve prepaid expanse, petty cash and other accounts; they compile, enter and adjust journal entries. These accountants assist in preparation of the audit schedules and work closely with the senior and other auditors to ensure the timely completion of work. They use advanced accounting software for the sharp and fast processing, adequate tabulation and presentation of the data. Since the senior accountant assists financial services manager to prepare annual budget, so the junior accountants collect and compile all information to assist their immediate boss and through a hierarchical ladder the report reaches to the top.

Talking about the expertise of such accountants, they carry the skill in establishment, coordination, and implementation of accounting control procedure. These sub accountants have to analyze the market trend to advice on the issues of cash flow management. Nowadays, their suitable forecasts for viable business plan are very much in demand. Their expertise proves to be vital in recommending appropriate budget levels and control expenditure policy. They keep check on the profit and loss earned by the company. The estimates of cash flow, cost-benefit analysis and capital budget ease the burden of stakeholders.

Generally, accountants are required college degrees in the relevant areas like accounting, finance, and business administration. Either junior or senior, all type of accountants should have knowledge and proficiency of finance and accounting principles so that they can analyze business better. Their excellence in communication and interpersonal skill plays decisive role at the time of solving the incoming problems. The knowledge of modern accounting software has become prerequisite of the modern day business. In the era of information technology, the proficient accountants can be hired through online as per your requirement.