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A Brief Understanding of the Non-Profit Accounting

A non-profit organization is an organization solely working to provide services as well as operations without any aim of making profits or any such thing. The surplus money that the non-profit organization gets is not distributed among the owners or the shareholders and other people associated with the organization. These organizations are generally exempted from the income taxes and thus are not at all obligatory to any authority to pay anything in the form of income or property taxes etc. Since the aims and the agendas of the non-profit organization is very much different than that of the other for-profit organizations therefore the non-profit accounting is also very much different than the accounting procedures of the other organizations. Often the non-profit organizations are charities or service organizations and are registered as the non-profit corporation, a trust, a cooperative or mainly as purely informal.

Some of the responsibilities of the non-profit accounting professional are:

  1. Journal entry posting and analysis
  2. General ledger maintenance and review
  3. He must have some internal controls experience
  4. He has to assist in the month end close process
  5. Variance analysis and reconciliation
  6. Complete monthly bank reconciliations
  7. Must have the experience of working with the various accounting softwares
  8. He also has to enter all the payroll related information
  9. He is the person who completes the monthly financial statements as well as supporting documentation
  10. He has to determine exactly how much money needs to be transferred from the factor account to make up for the invoices or wires
  11. A stable work history of the non-profit accountancy professional is very much a crucial factor
The nature of the operations of the non-profit organization means that the professionals working in these organizations have the same attitude towards the work as well as the earnings that they make. Although the earning in the non-profit accountancy is not much but still the satisfaction that can be derived from the work is immense. In many cases the non-accounting professional might be a full professional making his living by working in a for-profit accounting, yet he might be working part-time in the non-profit sector due to some other social reasons.