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On Site Audit Service is useful for International Buyers

Statistics shows that buyers are often skeptical about overseas suppliers. They are worried about suppliers' creditability and quality. Before doing business with overseas suppliers, they go to inspect or certify an oversea supplier so that when are doing business with them, the risk involved is minimal. The buyers need to do their homework before any substantial business procedure takes place. A favorable business relationship can develop with a credible supplier.

For inspecting a foreign supplier, buyers send a professional auditing team to carry out inspection on their overseas supplier. When inspecting the supplier, the auditing tem considers various aspects so that the supplier is inspected in all respects. The auditing team takes into account all the tangible and the in-tangible aspects. The tangible aspects include product quality, certificates the company has got, company scale, workshop or factory area, producing equipment whereas the intangible aspects include researching ability, management system and company culture.

For a successful inspection, the auditing team has to be technically knowledgeable when inspecting the product, manufacturing equipment of the supplier. The need to judge the company’s over all image. Inspecting an oversea supplier thoroughly and scientifically is not an easy matter, especially when geographic factor is involved. The reason being, inspecting an overseas supplier involves both time and money.

The buyers are opting for on site audit service for inspecting the supplier. This is a kind of inspection service provided by a third party certification institution. It would not be cost effective for a buyer to go in person to inspect a foreign supplier. Buyers entrust a certification institution to do the inspection work. The certification institution dispatches professional commissioners to the supplier. Once the inspection is done, the certification institution delivers the inspection result to the buyer which contains supplier's overall situation as well as the certification institution's evaluation on the supplier. The buyers can rely on the accuracy of the inspection, because they are responsible for the inspection result.

In this new age of international trading, on site audit service for certifying the potential suppliers can be extremely beneficial for the international buyers.