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The Job Profile of a Payroll Accountant

Payroll accounting is on of the most important as well as the crucial accounting among all the branches of accounting. It deals with the wages that the company pays to its employees every month. In fact it can be said that from the point of view of the average worker or an employee of the company, it is this branch of accounting that matters the most. A payroll accountant has to take care of many things while preparing the payroll reports of the company. It is really important that the payroll accountant does take his job seriously as well as honestly as a lot depends on the goodwill that the employee has for the company.

In many companies a payroll accountant has to take into consideration the benefit packages that would make the organization a lot more attractive to the future employees as well as the current employees. While doing so the payroll accountant also has to take into consideration the actual costs that would be accrued to the company while offering the benefit packages to the employees. In many organizations the employer also provides some fringe benefits to the employees of the company like paid vacations, insurance coverage, and in many cases ownership of the part of the company’s stocks. In all such cases the payroll accountant has to take into consideration the cost that the company would be bearing while offering all such benefits.

Many of the organizations offer schemes like pension to their employees. By law it is required that the entire pension plans offer vested pension interests to the employees that have completed certain numbers of years of service in the organization. In many cases there is no adjustment for the increments that take place in the cost of living.

There are Four main Pension Programs that the Payroll Accountant needs to be familiar with. These are:

  1. Profit-sharing plans
  2. Group annuity plans
  3. Thrift plans
  4. Trust fund plans
 The job of a payroll accountant on many occasions could become very hectic as he is primarily dealing with the wages of the employees. The profile could vary for a smaller organization than when compared to a larger organization