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A Payroll Tax Accountant and the Requisites of His Job

Taxes are the essentials in our life. Consider it as hard, a liability or anything else. Taxes have been there since the time man started organizing himself and would continue to be there as long as an alternative does is not found, which at the moment is unthinkable. The people who get into the career involving taxes are accountants. They could be tax collectors at various levels, auditors as well as could be working as payroll tax accountants. The job of a payroll tax accountant, if surmised in short is to prepare and file quarterly as well as annual payroll related tax returns.

The job of a payroll tax accountant is a very crucial job that entails in it a lot of responsibility and sincerity.

The primary responsibilities of a payroll tax accountant include:

  1. Preparing as well as filling the sales and use tax returns
  2. A payroll tax accountant has to prepare as well as file quarterly and annual payroll related tax returns for clients in a variety of states  
  3. Respond to tax notices along with the resolving of issues
  4. He has to maintain all the payroll related tax files
  5. He also has to assist clients in their tax registrations
  6. The person has to stay abreast of the current tax laws to maintain compliance
  7. He also has to reconcile tax related general ledger accounts
  8. He might also have to perform other duties pertaining to the various payroll related tax issues  

The job of a payroll accountant in any organization is that of high importance and responsibility. It is required that the payroll tax accountant is a person with high degree of integrity, honesty as well as has a good character. A sound knowledge of his subject as well as the basic qualification is also a must.

Some of the qualifications that are essential to be a payroll tax accountant are:

  1. At least a bachelor’s degree in accountancy with some years of experience in the same profession  
  2. A sound knowledge of the basic accountancy principles
  3. The person should have excellent organizational as well as time management skills
  4. He must be well conversant with the latest accounting softwares and must have at least a good knowledge of the basic computing and packages like MS word.
  5. The person must be proactive, customer focused as well as detail oriented and be able to work under pressure
Must have excellent oral and written communication skills to be able to present the reports to the concerned people and organizations