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An Overview of Leading Public Accounting Firms

A Certified Public Accountant Firm or CPA firm refers to an accounting enterprise that focuses on offering the professional services associated with accountancy. Therefore, these firms try to offer premium quality services to the clients through their unmatched expertise. Like accounting firms, the CPA firms are also comprised of Certified Public Accountants who are dedicated to providing accounting services to the clients. All the Certified Public Accountants working in these firms work together on the requirement and needs of clients to provide the most effective solutions. Owing to the dynamics of accounting industry, several CPA firms experienced a few fundamental shifts in their scope and direction.

Let us examine the four leading CPA firms of America and try to find out the common features that make them different from the remaining. These include Deloitte touché Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers and KMPG International.

Recognized for its incomparable services, Deloitte attempts to maintain the trust of its clientele. This leading brand name is comprised of several independent firms that work with the help of their focused and skilled professionals. The primary services offered by the firm include tax services, risk management, financial advisory and audit. The company offers these services to its selected clientele. Moreover, the organization continues to work in coordination with its affiliate firms.

Ernst & Young, the second biggest company in the league, the Certified Public Accountant firm incorporates a multidisciplinary team which provides premium quality services to enable its clients achieve the maximum potential. Moreover, the firm maintains a dedicated workforce of qualified Certified Public Accountants.

PricewaterhouseCoopers is a CPA firm which gives the highest priority to its clients. The organization maintains its network of companies across the globe. Innovative and transparent financial ideas along with good governance form the core competencies of the organization. Moreover, PricewaterhouseCoopers is dedicated to addresses to the requirements of its clients with feasible, sensible and wise solutions. The organization offers prudent solutions for all kinds of financial problems.  

KMPG International, a Certified Public Accountant firm, is recognized across the world for maintaining high service standards along with its values and vision. Strategy remains the core competency of the organization. Therefore, the organization works with clients to help them mitigate all kinds of risks related to financial activities. The company offers advisory, tax and audit services to its clients around the globe.