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The Debate over Public Vs Private Accounting Is Still On

Accounting is one of the most lucrative careers for the college students, considering the present day business world. It is really important that the aspiring students have a clear idea about the things that are entailed in the career as an accountant. Primarily the accounting profession can be bifurcated into two main divisions. These fields are the primary accounting and the public accounting. The domain of public accounting means working for differing clients that might be belonging to various industries. As a private accountant the person will be working with a private firm as an internal accountant.

Both of these careers offer a different scope of working for the people aspiring to be in accounting. Also both of these fields have a different set of requirements. As a public accountant the candidate has to be very good in communication skills. Although the good grades are desirable yet it has been seen that the firms are laying a great stress on the people with personality and customer service skills. As the public accountants deal with a lot of different people, thus it is important that they are competent enough to communicate with these different people. Another major aspect of public accounting is that the desiring accountant should qualify the necessary exams to become a CPA.

In private accounting the person works individually with one company as an internal accountant. All the financial responsibilities that the company has are shared by him along with the other team members. Public Vs Private accounting is now quite a raging debate. However it is recommended that the student should first identify the skills that he has and the nature of job that he wants before joining any organization. Public Vs Private accounting can offer all the remunerations no matter to which field you are starting your career with.