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The Staff Accountant Job Entails Mammoth and Important Responsibilities

In the present day world of business the role that the finances play can never be undermined. It is an established fact that the financial clout of the organization goes a long way in deciding the growth of the company and even its current reputation in the market. It is quite likely that in such a scenario, the management of finances as well as the proper reporting of the status of the finances of the organization is done to the decision makers in the organization or to the higher levels of the organization. An accountant is the person who is responsible for managing everything that is related to the finances of the organization. Considering the mammoth scope that the profile of an accountant entails, this field has diversified into many various sub- categories.  One of the most important types of accountancy is the staff accountancy that plays a major role in the entire functioning of the organization.

Some of the most important responsibilities that are included in a staff accountant job are:

  1. It requires the maintenance as well as the processing of all the journal entries
  1. A staff accountant is the main liaison between the various business units as well as the corporate office
  1. Monthly account analysis and the supervision of the month end as well as the year end close 
  1. All the facets of accounts payable are handles by the staff accountant
A staff accountant is the person who is mainly responsible for the welfare of the staff as well as other resources of the organization.

Some of the most important staff accountant job functions are:

  1.  Entry as well as maintenance of the daily cash books and the collaboration on the clearing of the unclaimed cash items. 
  1.  Processing as well as the maintenance of the journal entries
  1. Participate in the monthly balance sheet account analysis
  1. The staff accountant job entails all the inter-company related journal entries
  1. He is supposed to provide the company wide support
  1.  He is supposed to assist in the month end as well as year end close 
  1. He might have to audit for the proper invoice authorization
  1.  He has to administer the accounts payable that includes documentation of new vendors.      
Considering the important responsibilities that are expected in a staff accountant job, it is very much important that the person chosen is honest, as well as has a good character.