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Taxation Accounting Plays a Vital Role in Your Organization

The taxation accounting plays a very important role in the functioning of any organization. Every organization as well as working professionals are under obligation to pay taxes to the government. It is really vital that a thorough understanding of the taxes is done in order to get the maximum tax benefits that you are entitled to. The tax accounting includes in itself some of the issues like the tax preparation, planning as well as filing tax returns. The taxation accounting method depends upon the financial accounting method that has been used by the organization. Thus it is imperative that the tax accounting method that the organization chooses has the financial accounting method as the reference point. The taxation accounting system is based largely on the agendas and aims of the organization.

In general there are two types of taxation accounting systems:

  1. Cash Taxation Accounting: The cash taxation accounting system is based on the income when it is actually made and the liabilities when the purchase is actually made.
  1. The Accrual Based Taxation Accounting: The accrual based taxation accounting is based on the income when it is earned and the liabilities when they are due.
An organization can choose any of the taxation system. The organizations are also allowed to change their taxation system but only after they have the consent of the secretary.

Taxation accounting forms a very important part of the entire accounting system of the organization. It is very much important that the organizations give a lot of emphasis on this aspect of accounting as it can be one of the key factors in its growth and development.

Some of the advantages of using the various taxation accounting methods are:

  1. The company exhibits its legal compliance by filing the tax returns on time  
  1. The company is able to make faster decisions by monitoring the financial aspects
  1. The taxation accounting allows the managers as well as the owners in getting rid of the redundant record-keeping
  1. The taxation method also allows the business to have a clear understanding of their profits and loss margins