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How Chartered Accountant is Different From an Accountant?

Many people think that the role of a chartered accountant comes only once in the year when they are dealing with their taxes, but the fact is that a chartered accountant is a professional who can help you out in several financial areas. Whether you are running your own business or you’re the employee of finance department of any big or small firm; in both conditions, a chartered accountant can do a lot for you or your business.

However, this article explains the importance of a chartered accountant along with the basic difference between a chartered accountant and a regular accountant.

When you make a comparison between a regular accountant and a chartered accountant, you will find that there are many remarkable differences. Theoretically, any person who deals with the accounts of any recognized firm (either private or government) can call himself/herself an accountant irrespective of what licensing or educational background he or she has. On the contrary, a person who calls himself a chartered accountant is someone who necessarily is a part of the Institute of Chartered Accountant. Means, he must possess a chartered accountant degree that people usually get after passing series of examinations. After getting chartered accountant degree, he also needs to have certain amount of work experience of the same field.

Essentially, when you are part of the finance department or running your business, sometimes in your past must have realized that there are various kinds of works to be done while dealing with the accountancy of your business. It is really a complicated issue. Calculating the total tax amount, finding the total turnover of your business of entire year, and more; all these works are not the job of a regular accountant; hence, for such kind of situations( find a better word), you definitely need to consult a chartered accountant. Once you will work with a chartered accountant, you will find that you are working with someone who has a certain baseline of experience and certification of accountancy.  A chartered accountant can solve all your financial problems easily. He is experienced enough to figure out all the financial complicacies in minutes. Very soon, you will find that hiring a chartered accountant is a great effort for you because along with solving your financial problems, he also provides you peace of mind by giving suitable advice for the growth of your business.

Moreover, when you need a person who can assist you in your financial matters, you will find that a chartered accountant is the most competent person for your concern. So, take your time and find an experienced and knowledgeable chartered accountant that can look into your accountant issues and ensure you that he is capable enough to handle your financial affair adequately.