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What Type of Accountant Should I Go To?

Unless you run an organization and need something very specialized like a forensic accountant, enlisting the services of a CPA—Certified Public Accountant—will suffice. A CPA is a licensed accountant who is able to handle most of the accounting needs of individuals as well as organizations.  They offer assurance services which are financial audits and can also offer public accounting services.

If you’re not sure whether or not a Certified Public Accountant is the type of accountant that you should use, here is a more detailed list of some of the services provided by a CPA to help you decide if this is the way to go. Their services include:

Tax preparation: This means that a CPA is able to handle the preparation of all your tax related needs for you and your business.

Financial planning and analysis: This entails providing a person or organization with a financial plan (budget or spending/saving guide) as well as the assessment of a company’s profitability and stability.

Estate planning: As an estate planner a CPA is responsible for disposing of the estate of a deceased person.

Income tax: A CPA can prepare and file your income tax for you and uses their knowledge of the tax system to ensure that you apply for any deduction for which you are entitled.

Financial accounting: When working in financial accounting the CPA is responsible for providing you or your business with all of the information needed to make sound financial choices.

Corporate Finance: They are able to handle all aspects of a corporation’s financial needs.

As you can see, A CPA is likely your best choice no matter what your financial needs. A CPA can provide you with financial consulting services whether for you or your business. They have years of extensive training and must pass exams in order to be certified by the state. In order to maintain their certification and ability to work as a certified public accountant they are also required to keep on with continuing education and exams. As well, there is a code of ethics that they are required to adhere to at all times in order to keep their reputation and certification in good standing.

As a certified public accountant it is their job to ensure that those whom they work for are always provided with the best and most sound financial advice and guidance using their knowledge, training and the tools and information available to them. You can count on your CPA to provide you with solid financial advice that is always in your best interest. Should you require a more specific type of assistance that your CPA doesn’t feel that he or she can provide, you can rest assured that they will refer you to another qualified accountant who can meet your needs, whether within the firm they work for or another.

If you require the help of a CPA but aren’t sure that they can do what you need, simply ask them.